Two Lake Sewer Authority


Authority Meetings held the first Wednesday of every month, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Meeting Minutes found here.


for taking the time!  You and your fellow community members submitted over 300 questions about the proposed sewage system, questions we are now busy organizing and getting ready to answer. 


Make sure to check back here often -

we'll post the answers, as well as the date for the eventual public hearing, as soon as we have them.


Again, thank you for your input and Happy New Year!

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We Are

The TLCSA was formed by Bear Lake Township, the Village of Bear Lake, Onekama Township and Pleasanton Township in 2017 with a purpose to plan, design, engineer, finance, construct and operate a public sewage disposal system serving sewage districts in those municipal units.

We are seeking questions from all interests about any element of the project so we can prepare factual answers that can be widely shared as soon as possible after all questions are received.

Our goal is a shared understanding of the facts involving this project. In the case of questions where the answer is unknown, we will state that as the case.

Please use this space - or our PO Box listed at the bottom of the page - to share your anonymous questions or concerns about this project.