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Reference Documents

Law on Objections

Application Correspondence - 4/2023

Two Lakes FOIA Q & A - 2019

Great Lakes Water Levels: 1918 - 2023

Attorney Letter - 3/6/23

Acreage and Cost Estimate

Preliminary Engineering Report - Revised - 2/2023

Engineering Agreement

Project Cost Summary - Updated

Estimated Project Schedule - 1/19/2023

December 2022 Meeting Agenda

Environmental Assessment - 11/2/2022

USDA RD 'Finding of No Significant Impact' (FONSI) Letter

Public Notice Announcement of 'Finding of No Significant Impact' (FONSI) Letter

Rural Development Application Submission - Next Steps

Press Release - Two Lake Collaborative Sewer Authority Hosts Public Hearing - 08/11/22

Press Release - MRWA Collaboration - 04/27/22

Press Release - Getting Answers - 01/24/22

Articles of Incorporation - TLCSA

Who Is Wade Trim?

Environmental Assessment


Preliminary Engineering Report - Revised


Engineering Agreement


Sanitary Sewage Collection and Treatment Project Slide Show

Information and Frequently Asked Questions


2021 Annual Financial Report


2019 Annual Financial Report

Engineering Study Update 03/17/17

Waste Treatment Plant Study Update 03/17/17


Two Lake Sewer Authority Organizational Meeting 09/06/17

Resolution 2017-01 & 2017-02

Application For Federal Assistance


RESOLUTION - Project facilitation, Communication and Fund Development 


TLCSA Eligibility Review Letter


Wade Trim Letter to Village (May 2018)

Wade Trim Letter (June 2018)

Proposed Sewer System Frequently Asked Questions


Estimated Project Schedule


RUS Bulletin 1780-12


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